ReCycleMe is one of a number of brands created by Fun2Give – a Dutch company who believes in a world where children & their parents become more aware of the amount of rubbish they produce, a world where children help to reduce this, by recycling or re-using.  The concept of the brand is to provide a complete ‘kit’ for creating art projects at home using everyday household rubbish, like toilet rolls, plastic bottles, tin cans and egg boxes.  

Each ReCycleMe box is a ‘one stop shop’ for parents, grandparents, or friends – allowing them to spend quality time making something with children!  It takes all the hassle and expense out of shopping for all the bits and bobs and contains all the accessories to make the finished article.

“We created Re-Cycle-Me because we understand that waste and how we choose to handle it, affects our planet. ​We want every kid to feel empowered and learn to create new toys with disposables that they can find at home.  

  • Reduce the waste you create 
  • Reuse it and give it a new life
  • Recycle and have fun with your family and friends”

Arco de Leeuw, Owner Fun2Give

Fun2Give approached us to distribute the brand in the UK as they recognised our focus on sustainability in the toy and games market and we agreed that it would fit perfectly into our product portfolio and would be well-received by our existing trade customers in toy and gift shops and garden centres.

The Fun2Give factory is BSCI certified, and all the products comply with EN71 European Toy Safety standards.  All the packaging is made from FSC material and the models made from the kits are recyclable.

Our initial range includes mini boxes retailing at just £2.99, containing a single art project, right up to the Playworld Pizzeria retailing at £17.99, which is designed to create an entire play activity in itself!  Over time we hope to extend the range, as we are keen to offer a broad spectrum of truly sustainable toys and games which you can sell to your customers – together we can make a difference!